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Trinity Lutheran School

Trinity Lutheran School boasts smaller classes, and utilizes multi-age learning in some settings, while focusing on the development of each child. The concepts of lifelong learning and serving one another are modeled by Trinity's experienced professional teaching staff.



7th & 8th

Mr. James Baerenklau

In seventh and eighth grade, the students become more independent as they prepare for high school. The students think, create, and discuss a large variety of subjects. The students are constantly being challenged to stretch their minds.

Keep up with Mr. B's class via the newsletter HERE.


5th & 6th

Mrs. Virginia Terrell

Fifth and sixth graders at Trinity study earth science, world geography, reading skills, Old Testament history, math, grammar, PE, grammar, and Spanish. They are also working to be more self-reliant. But most importantly, they are building their relationship with their Lord and Savior, so that they can spread the love of Jesus. 


3rd & 4th

Mrs. Patricia Perez

The third and fourth graders are spending time learning the books of the Bible, and how to look up verses in their Bibles. They are also learning how to use their Chromebooks to complete assignments and have been investigating new websites. They are also learning how to work together to solve problems. Everyday they are learning something new.


1st & 2nd

Mrs. Cindy Allor

In first and second grade, we are working on the foundational skills. We are starting to read and write sentences. We are working on different addition and subtraction strategies.


Check out our weekly newsletter and Instagram feed HERE.



Mrs. Debra Scott


It is a joy to partner with families for the total development of each child. Know that your child is loved at Trinity and will receive an excellent educational foundation. With many hands-on activities, our kindergarten curriculum makes learning interesting and fun as we grow in our faith and strive to meet each child's needs.



Mrs. Rachel LaMontagna

Miss Beth Kraegel


There is always a lot going on in preschool.


Find out what we do most days and keep up with the weekly newsletter HERE.

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